Case Study Guide

Posted on May 6, 2017

Each business is different and each business has unique experience of dealing with referral management. Some business do it very casually and others have formal referral management process in place. Many businesses has good stories about how they started and how they acquired their key customers through referrals.
Our intentions is to bring these stories together in the form of case studies and make them available as inspiration to fellow business. For doing so We will be reaching out to business with a request to share their stories.
Following questions can help you to bring your story together. Do you limit yourself to these question and feel free and generous while putting together case study.

  • Who are you and what is your history?
  • What is your business all about? When it was started?
  • Tell us about your initial days during the startup phase.
  • How do you market your business or services?
  • How you got you first customer through reference?
  • How important is the referral source customer to your business?
  • Is there a specific referral partner who often send business your way?
  • How you manage relationship with your referral partner?
  • Any strategies, tips, tricks, best practices you want to share for better referral management?

Please send us a message if you are interested to share your story. After all, business grow fast by helping each other as compared to remain isolated. Everything is connected.

Yes, I want to share my referral story

Case Study Guide

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