Customer Acquisition Channels

Posted on May 7, 2017

Customer Acquisition Channels

Customer Acquisition Channels are nothing but the various paths that brings someone (who is complete stranger to your business) and make them your paying customer.
There are many channels available to choose from. Which channel is suitable to your business depends on various factors. Some of these factors are
The target goal
The stage of your business
Marketing budget

Following is the list of Customer Acquisition Channels

Inbound Channels
Business Website
Search Engine Optimization
Content Marketing
Speaking Engagements
Viral Marketing
Youtube Videos
Apple’s Store
Google’s Play Store
Windows Store
facebook business page
Directory and Yellow Pages Listing

Outbound Channels
Search Engine Marketing
Advertisement in News Paper
Advertisement on Radio/FM
Email Marketing
Bill boards
Printed advertorials in mail
Printed advertorials in news paper
Paid Social Ads on facebook
Paid ads on twitter
Paid ads on LinkedIn
Paid ads on Youtube
Affiliate Marking
Direct sales force
Cold calling using phone
Referral Program
Referral Partners
Offline Events
PR Agencies
Publicity Stunt
Holding Contest
Trade Shows

Customer Acquisition Channels

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