REFER to Vantage Travel AND EARN UP TO $6,400 IN CASH & TRAVEL

About Vantage Referral Program

Share your love of travel and earn up to $6,400 in cash and travel. You would earn up to $200 for each new traveler you refer.
By referring 8 friends, you can earn a FREE trip or cash (up to $5,200) and a $1,200 bonus.
It’s simple:
• You inspire new travelers to reserve a Vantage journey
• New travelers provide your name and customer number when booking their first trip
It’s rewarding:
• You earn rewards for each new traveler you refer — from $100 to a FREE TRIP or $5,200 cash
• New travelers instantly save $100 on the cost of their first trip
• The more travelers you refer, the greater the rewards — whether you travel or not!
• You don’t have to travel to be eligible for cash rewards for referring new travelers

How to refer

There are lots of ways to refer new travelers to Vantage so that you start earning cash and free travel. Here are some ways to refer a friend to Vantage Travel.

  • Download and use your Vantage referral cards from the website.
  • Hold a travel-themed party or get-together
  • Send personalized emails
  • Talk up your trips
  • Share Vantage catalogs and refer people
  • Tell your single friends about solo trips

About Vantage

Vantage Deluxe World Travel, founded in 1983 by Henry Lewis is proudly celebrating their 35th year in business.  They have helped more than 1 million people traveling independently or in groups to create lasting memories. Vantage offers their travelers over a dozen more options to experience the world with them. The tours offered by them include Solo traveler trips, family and friends group tours, Vantage Adventure tours, Vantage Cruise Line etc. They have lots of options in all these tours.


Headquarters is based in Boston

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